Mustang of the Month

June 2024

Sean’s First Car

We all remember our first cars and some of us have very fond memories of them. Sean does! Congratulations goes out to Sean Gasser for owing this 1966 Ford Mustang and being June’s Mustang of the Month!

Sean has owned this car since he was 16 years old and his mustang has been with him nearly 24 years except for a brief stint back with his dad. His dad gifted the mustang back to him as a wedding present. Good job Dad… Yes, it is his first car!

Originally Arcadian Blue, Sean and his dad painted it this dark blue metallic you now see. Growing up in Midland area, he stayed in West Texas for college and attended Texas Tech.

Sean reached out to us several years ago wanting to get some things done on the car and paused a bit. Well, now the time has come for those upgrades to his pride and joy. Sean is adding a 5 speed transmission that will be powered by a 289 rebuilt motor and will sport much more horsepower to get from point A to B faster. The engine will have a Holley EFI system and new Ignition system to ensure she starts and runs whenever he wants to get her going. We are excited about these upgrades allowing to make it his own.

Sean lives in Ft Worth with his wife and three children. He plans on making memories with his kids just as he did with this father and their “Labor of Love” he had working on his Mustang. Sean, thanks for trusting Mid Cities Mustang with your pride and joy. Also, congratulations again for being June’s Mustang of the Month!

May 2024

An Award Winner

Congratulations goes out to Bob Landa for owning this stunningly gorgeous red 1964 ½ Mustang Convertible. Bob and this award-winning mustang is our Mustang of the Month for May!

Bob married up and fortunately married his wife Pam already had the car! Bob and Pam got married in 1983 and he started the restoration in 1985. Originally, the Mustang was Wimbledon White with a blue interior. Pam picked out the new color, red!

Actually, the color is Jalapeno Red which was a mid 80’s color by Ford and they chose to go with a white interior – good choice!

Fortunately, you can see this car on the road in the DFW area as Bob and his wife get out and drive her about town and the state attending shows and events.

Bob brought the car into us to redo/restore the interior. He planned on taking the mustang to the 60th Anniversary Mustang Show in Alabama this past month. Fortunately, we finished the interior in time and he took it to Birmingham where he and his Mustang won Gold! No points and no deductions were given – not in the concours class, but he was entered into the occasionally driven class. Congratulations!

Bob also won Best in Class for 84 and older Mustangs at the Yellow Rose Car Show sponsored by the North Texas Mustang Club.

Bob and Pam live in Lewisville and he is a retired Southwest Airline Pilot – he is a retired Navy pilot and flew F9 Cougars and A4 Skyhawks. He keeps himself busy now by going to nearly 20 cars shows in Texas and doing part time work as trainer for 737 simulators.

Let’s give Bob a big congratulations on sharing this car with Mid Cities Mustang. We are sure happy we crossed paths Bob, you and Pam have a wonderful Mustang and we are glad you are our May Mustang of the Month!

April 2024

Coops 70

Congratulations goes out to Casey Jensen for being our April Mustang of the Month! Casey owns this classic 1970 Mustang Mach 1.

Casey has only owned this Mustang for 3 years, but it holds a very special place in the family’s heart. Casey’s brother, Steven, was the previous owner and had owned it for 10 – 12 years. He purchased the car in Florida and then lived in California, enjoying the sunshine and beach life!

Steven spent 22 years in the Navy and had 12 deployments overseas serving with the Special Ops teams. He proudly earned the Bronze Star with Valor. Steven, thank you for your service – you are an American hero!

Michelle, the Mach 1’s name, was brought to Mid Cities Mustang to repair some engine compartment fire damage. However, after digging into the car, we noticed a few more items requiring attention. So, Casey went all in on the mechanical aspects. He loves hot-rodding around town and with the spirit of his brother throughout the car, he decided to get some performance out of her. So, to the 351W, we added Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads, camshaft, intake, headers, and a larger carburetor to get the HP to push nearly 400. Boy, is Michelle sure fun to drive and sounds phenomenal with the Flowmaster 40 series dual mufflers!!! A total kick in the pants.

The transmission is next!

So, when time permits, Casey will get some Texas vanity plates to be “Coops 70”. His brother’s nickname was Coop. Seems quite fitting Casey!

Casey lives in Plano and is Sales Manager for a local safety company. Casey plans on honoring his brother by attending DFW area car shows, pushing the limits of the 400hp engine, and just touring the city streets. Casey, so happy our paths crossed and that you trusted your Mach 1 with Mid Cities Mustang. We salute you and your family!

Thanks for being our April Mustang of the Month.

March 2024

Uncle – thank you!

A special congratulations goes out to Victor Munoz for owing this very clean and beautiful Arcadian Blue 1966 Mustang Coupe and being our March Mustang of the Month!

Born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents from Mexico, Victor moved to New York City after high school to attend Columbia University. Victor, a passionate learner, and life-lover also had a flair for basketball and played 4 years on the Columbia basketball team and then spent 2 years in Mexico in their “semi-pro” league.

Victor is incredibly close to his Uncle Jose. He calls him Uncle… so, I will too. Uncle is his mom’s brother and provided Victor with a connection and love that he describes as, “another level”. Uncle provided Victor with many gifts, of which we all have, but in talking with Victor, it is evident that there is love and deep connection for each other.

Uncle had a huge influence on Victor’s life. He has fond memories and stories they shared together of work ethic, passions, love, education, servitude, etc. They did share a passion for classic cars and notably Ford Mustangs. Uncle is well read on the classics and loves his nephew’s Arcadian Blue coupe. Per Victor, it is such a great, iconic car that is woven I into the fabric of the American car history and ushered in a new age of automobile enthusiasm in the mid 60’s and is going strong still today – yup, we agree!

Victor previously owned 6-cylinder coupe and he recently sold it to acquire this beauty. The car required quite a bit of work to get it road worth and safe. The smell and feel of this mustang floods Victor’s memory of being a child… his mustang allows him to break away from the intensity of life and provide him a positive outlet and a relaxing mood – he travels to a different decade in the car – an iconic car – the mustang was ahead of its time when it came out and is a piece of American history.

Victor spent 25 years in NYC and works for Citi Group. Victor moved to Dallas about 2 years ago to be closer to family and his mom. Victor comes from a huge family with more first cousins than he has fingers and toes. He and his wife are expecting a baby girl in 2 months – Congratulations!

Victor loves driving his Arcadian Blue mustang around Dallas. Of course, it is a great conversation starter with fellow enthusiasts. Victor, thanks for sharing your car with Mid Cities Mustang and being our March Mustang of the Month. We hope we can continue to Power your Lifestyle!!!

February 2024

December 1, 1972
Congratulations goes out to Mark Chanter for owning this great looking 1973 Mach 1 and being our February Mustang of the Month!!!

Mark clearly remembers the day he received this car, December 1, 1972. He ordered it from Boshears Ford in Marshall, MI. Which is still around! Yes, he hails from the Glove State. At the ripe young age of 19 years old and already having owned 2 other mustangs, he received possession of this beauty.

Full of great factory features and 70’s modern conveniences. His previous two mustangs were a 1966 coupe and a 1971 Grande with a 351C.

Mark paid $4200 for this Mach 1 back in the day and she has quite a few features that make it a really nice car; tilt wheel, power windows, rear window defroster, rear spoiler, AC, fold down rear seat, power brakes, and Deluxe wheel covers with the Firestone Wide Ovals. Of course, the 351 Cleveland engine supplied the power and mojo to keep this baby moving!

Being a young lad, Mark washed and polished this baby all the time – he took to heart the wipe on and wipe off mantra. Hailing from Michigan, she is in great shape as the ice and salt roads can definitely do some damage on these classic cars. Not this one, she is in great condition. Mark put 36,000 miles on it in his first year of ownership. I’m sure his friends had a great time driving all over the Michigan countryside. Since 1982, the car stayed in the garage. The mustang has 121,000 original miles on it and Mark stopped driving it with 120,000 miles. So, she is a garage kept baby and weekend car to show off.

Mark moved to Texas in 1982 and after 29 years of service retired from the FAA. He and his wife currently reside in Grapevine and their son lives in Austin.

Mark, you have a great-looking mustang and with you being the original owner is quite special! Thanks for allowing us to work on your car and congratulations on being our February’s Mustang of the Month!

January 2024

Happy New Year!

Congratulations goes out to Greg and Elaine Taylor for being the owners of this beautiful 1966 Mustang Convertible and being January’s Mustang of the Month. What a way to start the year off right with this great convertible mustang!
Greg had always wanted a 1966 Red convertible since he was a teenager. He dreamed of it. It all started while he was growing up in the Houston area, Greg had a 1970 Mustang Fastback – very cool. Back in the

late 70’s, 70 fastbacks were the definitely the “IT” high school car. The passion and love affair started early, as it does with many of us. After high school, off to College Station Greg went and then onto UT Law School. He leans to the maroon. After graduating law school and finally earning a living – he bought his dream car in 1987! Living life to the fullest!

Greg and Elaine got married in 1990 and have 2 daughters. Being a long time Mid-Cities Mustang customer, the car has seen great care provided to it over the years. The white “Pony” Interior pops against the red paint and blends well with the white vinyl top. The Mustang has been sitting for some years after work had been done it many years ago… raising kids, work, traveling, etc. always seems to push our mustang passion to the side. So, to get her ready we rebuilt and detailed the “smoky” engine, added Power Disc Brakes, a new aluminum radiator, cured the heater core leak, and a few other items to make her ready….

Ready for what? The mustang has tremendous sentimental value to the family and will be used as the “getaway car” in their daughters upcoming wedding in April! We’re very excited for the Taylor family and are happy to help them Power their Lifestyle.

Congratulations again on being our Mustang of the Month for January. Very excited for you all and the upcoming nuptials. We are looking forward to seeing the pics of the Getaway.

Cheers and congratulations to you!

December 2023

Congratulations goes out to our customers!
On behalf of Mid-Cities Mustang, we wish to thank our many wonderful, passionate, and mustang loving customers the past several years. We have been recognizing Mustangs, as Mustang of the Month, for many years now. There are way too many to mention here, but we wish to provide you with a handful of pictures of some of the glorious mustangs we have serviced and repaired.
The team at Mid-Cities Mustang is dedicated to providing outstanding service and care to your classic mustang. We have extensive knowledge and experience with your classic and seek to ensure your satisfaction.

As we enter the holiday season, we hope that you think of us when you wish to get repairs and service done on your Mustang in 2024.

Thanks so much for your trust.
Happy Holiday’s to you and the ones you love dearly,
The Mid-Cities Mustang Team

November 2023
Texas Ranger Blue!

Congratulations goes out to Adrienne Kirby for owning this beautiful 1966 K Code Mustang Convertible and being our November Mustang of the Month!
Adrienne originally hails from Buffalo, New York and moved to Dallas when she was 18. Adrienne was married to a car guy. Dick, would love to tinker with it, look at it, fix this and that, and was big into car racing. They were married 20 years, sadly Dick

passed away about 7 years ago leaving this beauty to Adrienne.
Adrienne loved the mustang and has many fond memories of driving it and watching the kids and grandkids pretend driving the convertible when it was in the garage. Decked out with the HiPo 289 engine, this convertible also sports a 4-speed manual transmission, luggage rack, two-toned pony interior, Rally-Pac, and aftermarket Power disc brakes and Borgeson Power steering to allow for some modern creature comforts. Of course, the mustang isn’t Texas Ranger Blue, just Nightmist Blue… We just want to give a shout out to the World Series Champs!!!
A previous Harley owner, Adrienne found us online and received recommendations to take the car to Mid Cities Mustang, we are glad she reached out to us to get her mustang running again.
Adrienne recently remarried (Curtis) and now lives in Flower Mound, Texas. She plans on joining the North Texas Mustang Club and you will probably see this convertible at an upcoming Cruise on the Square! Fortunately, the car is being driven more now than it was in the past 27 years of ownership. We are glad to hear this!
Adrienne and Curtis, will drive around the Flower Mound and Denton County, Texas area – so if you happen to see them out and about, give them a honk!
Congratulations again Adrienne for being November’s Mustang of the Month! Glad we could Power your Lifestyle!
October 2023
1971… A good year for Robert

Congratulations goes out to Robert Owens for owing this stunning 1966 Red Mustang Fastback. Robert is our October Mustang of the Month and this is his story…
Robert lived in California growing up… just outside of the LA or what is now within what is the LA sprawl. A small community called Whitier. He has owned this beauty since 1971 when his parents bought him this car back in 1971 for a special price of $1000.

After high school and off to the University of Houston was Robert and his fastback. Of course, it was his daily driver back then working and learning.
After college, he worked at L3 in Greenville, Tx and lived in the Dallas area – Robert eventually retired from L3. Of course, not driving his mustang that whole time. We start doing family stuff and the mustang gets relegated to the garage or a small shelter, “out-back”. This was in the early 80’s for Robert.
He and his wife had 2 boys and his son actually went to prom in the car. See pics.
A couple of great memories for Robert and his 66 Fastback:
1. He remembers someone on I-30 hanging out the window yelling at him to “pull over, pull over – I want to buy your car now!” Of course, he was driving 70 MPH and he had some crazy yelling at him. Of course, he didn’t sell it then or all the other hundreds of times someone asked him to buy the car.
2. During the Arab oil embargo in the early 70’s, Robert moved to Houston. On the news the night before he left, the speed limit was changing to 55 mph and the California Highway Patrol would enforce the speed limit and anyone going 1 mph over the speed limit would get a ticket. The CHP were everywhere!!! Robert was elated when he arrived in Arizona, as they did not enforce the 55-mph speed limit – hammer down he drove! Robert spent the night in Van Horn Texas and left very early the next morning. It was extremely dark, no lights, no traffic, no light from the moon. About 30 to 45 minutes from Van Horn and all the lights from his car went out. All of them; head lights, Tail lights, instrument lights, courtesy lights, nothing. It was rather frightening as he pulled over to the side of the road to see nothing. So, he sat there thinking what to do. He decided to wait till the sun came up and continue on. Again, there was no traffic passing. He thought, there must be Aliens in the middle of nowhere Texas. BTW, no passing spaceships either… He continued to sit there for a while and then all of a sudden, all the car lights came on. His car never did that before and has never done it since. A moment he will never forget.
Robert, thanks for the great opportunity to work on your Fastback and bringing it back to life again for you. Enjoy your time driving around Arlington, TX and taking your grandkids to get an ice cream!
Congratulations again! You are welcome anytime to Mid-Cities Mustang!
September 2023
Labor Day Mustang of the Month

September’s Mustang of the Month – Congratulations goes out to Bill and Leanna Nalley for owning this beautiful 1964 ½ Mustang Convertible. This beautiful red mustang sports a 302 engine with automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering and power disc brakes to provide them some modern creature comforts. It also has a great set of fog lights to boot! Some 20 years ago, Bill and his wife owned a 1965 coupe and enjoyed it for several years and Bill was mechanical enough to work on it.

That is always a good thing! Of course, owning a classic mustang always facilitates new and lasting friends. They became close with their neighbor while living in Las Vegas. He was an Air Force pilot and flew A10 Warthogs. Tragically, their neighbor’s brother was also in the military and sadly passed away while serving our country in the Middle East. So, the Nalley’s provided them with a great deal to acquire the coupe so that he could work on and restore the coupe with his nephews. Talk about love and service… well done Bill and Leanna!
About 2 months ago, Bill came into Mid Cities Mustang looking for a Mustang to buy… why a Mustang? Loves ‘em, great cars, easy to get parts, classic americana, and a mustang convertible is just awesome – we agree! We helped him out introduced the previous owner and Bill – a deal was made, and Bill and Leanna have a new, vintage Mustang!
Bill spent his career in telecom, cellular specifically, and was based in San Diego and ran operations in California and Nevada. Bill and Leanna have been married nearly 34 years and have spent the past 12 years in Colleyville, Texas and have 2 daughters and a lovely granddaughter who loves the mustang. Great memories are being made with the top down going to Kindergarten in this wonderful looking mustang.
So, congratulations again for being Septembers Mustang of the Month and trusting Mid Cities Mustang. See you on the road soon!
August 2023
Museum Mustang – For Sale!!!

Congratulations goes out to Darren Bonas for being August’s Mustang of the Month. Darren owns this stunning white 1965 Mustang Convertible. Darren is selling this beauty! We are just trying to help him out…
This great example of a 1965 Mustang convertible sports a Red Pony Interior, 4 speed manual transmission, 289 engine, Front Disc Brakes, and many additional items to enjoy the piece of history.

The car completed a full restoration in the spring of 2021 and was showcased at the Northeast Classic Car Museum for nearly 18 months. The museum is a non-profit and they conduct an annual raffle to help with their fundraising. They always raffle off a mustang convertible – they are the most popular cars to raffle… we couldn’t agree more!
Since 1989, Darren has lived in the Ft Worth area and owned an auto valet service for local businesses and is now employed at UPS.
Darren really enjoys visiting car museums and travels to various museums throughout the country. In early September 2022 he happened to visit the Northeast Classic Car Museum and invested $20 for 5 tickets to win this beauty. Of course, lots of others did the same. Darren received the call on October 12, 2022, and received the great news that he actually won the car!!! Of course, you have to pinch yourself and make sure you aren’t dreaming when you receive this call. He wasn’t dreaming… It was real!
Mid-Cities checked it out for him and made a few safety repairs and other little items to ensure it was safe. Darren then proceeded to enjoy the car for a bit, and he entered into various local car shows and won Best in Show and First in Class in some area DFW car shows.
In our opinion, this Mustang is in excellent condition and shows very well. He is interested in finding a new home for this beauty… If interested, please let us know via a message… sorry for any delays 😊. He is asking $45,000. Serious inquiries only please. We are not a dealer… just a friendly company trying to help a customer.
Hurry now before it goes to the Dallas Mecum auction this September.
Congratulations on your double win Darren – winning the car and being Mid-Cities Mustang of the Month for August! In our opinion, this car is a real beauty and would make a great addition to anyone looking for a well restored, great running classic mustang.
July 2023
Keeping her in the Family

Congratulations goes out to Steve Dempsey for being July’s Mustang of the Month! Steve owns this Silver Blue 1966 Mustang Coupe and has owned it since 1967!

Steve grew up in Ranger, Texas and as a sophomore in High School he bought this stunner from a family friends used car lot. At the time, Steve had a 54 Chevy pickup and after trialing the

mustang for a few weeks, he pulled the trigger and plopped down $1175 for this 6-cylinder Mustang.

Steve drove the car through high school as well as his college alma mater, Texas A&M where he graduated in 1974 with a degree in Engineering.
Steve is the oldest of 4 siblings and after graduating from A&M he moved to Ft. Worth and started working at the Army Corp of Engineers where he retired with 39 years of service with them. While living in Ft Worth, his brothers and sisters got to enjoy the car from time to time as Steve loaned the Mustang to them to drive and enjoy as they needed some wheels.

Of course, folks have always asked to buy the car with Steve quietly saying thanks, but no thanks…

Along with a new interior and paint job, Mid Cities Mustang had the fortunate opportunity to bring this car back to life and added a few modern conveniences to include Power disc brakes, power steering, Holley Sniper EFI, air conditioning, and a Tremec 5 speed transmission.

In 2013, Steve moved back to Ranger and owns about 200 acres where he farms/ranches to keep himself busy with about 20 head of cattle. He will enjoy the Mustang for many years to come and take it to car shows and drive it to the local Dairy Queen. He plans to give it to his grandson when the time comes… Steve’s grandson is 6 now, so he has many years of enjoying this beauty!

Steve, thanks for trusting MCM with your pride and joy and congratulations again for being our Mustang of the Month for July!