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Whether it ensuring your drum brakes are working properly to installing new disc and power disc brakes in the front. 50 plus years of new and improved technology has allowed Mustang’s to handle the road and enable you to manage the driving experience much better. We can help you ensure your cars braking system is reliable and performing as it is designed.

The Texas heat can definitely be a challenge to keep your Mustang cool. Ensuring your system is working is very important as excess engine temperatures can damage engine components. The cooling system’s function is a simple one; transfer the heat produced by the engine to a radiator, via fluid that is pumped through the engine via a water pump, where the heat is radiated to the atmosphere with the help of a fan that pulls air through the radiator. Of course, there is more to it than that to ensure your car is cooling well.
Wiring can be intimidating if you don’t understand some of the basics. The electrical arrangement of your Mustang is its central nervous system to power the car. Each component, bulb, and switch receives an electrical charge, then sends that charge to a respective ground. Each wire’s function is to make an electrical component do its job. In fact, some components perform several jobs at once, so they may have more than one wire. It all goes back to the idea that electrical current flows from the battery to a component, and then to ground, which is a flow of current called a circuit.
Well, this can be a lengthy topic for Mustang’s. But it starts from the gas tank and moves through the carburetor. Without gas, the car just won’t go anywhere. Our technicians are skilled at ensuring your Mustang has the proper fuel / air mixture as well as ensuring your tank and signaling system is working properly. We have seen our fair share of dirty, rusty, gas tanks.
A squeaky and creaky suspension can be mind numbing. Nothing makes or breaks a car’s driving dynamics more than how well it rides down the road and handles the turns. New suspension and related tuning is the key to achieving those goals, but the problem is that most classic cars were built during an era when suspension technology wasn’t all that great.
If the engine in your Mustang has seen better days, Mid Cities Mustang can help rebuild it back to its former glory. Engine hesitation, blue smoke, motor not starting, and engine noise can all be signs your motor requires attention and engine repair. Our goal is to get you on the road so you can enjoy your classic Mustang.
We offer comprehensive services, expert car restoration and customization, combined with cost estimates and communication. A full restoration requires commitment, time, and money. The process can take 12 months to easily 24 months. You are bringing your car back to show quality and a like new condition. Quite a bit can happen during this time and the expense involved can be quite steep.