Cooling / Heating

The Texas heat can definitely be a challenge to keep your Mustang cool. Ensuring your system is working is very important as excess engine temperatures can damage engine components. The cooling system's function is a simple one; transfer the heat produced by the engine to a radiator, via fluid that is pumped through the engine via a water pump, where the heat is radiated to the atmosphere with the help of a fan that pulls air through the radiator. Of course, there is more to it than that to ensure your car is cooling well.

New aluminum radiators are very efficient and help ensure your car stays cool – the advancements have been tremendous since the 60’s and 70’s. Checking on the thermostat can also be an important maintenance item to make sure water is flowing to and from the engine to the radiator. Flex fans, shrouds, and even electric fans play an important role in keeping the engine running as it should. Rebuilding aging heater cores is also a specialty for us as the heater core can often leak coolant into the engine area and/or into the interior cabin and on the carpet. Let us know how we can assist in keeping your engine cool and operating correctly.