Engines and Drivetrain

If the engine in your Mustang has seen better days, Mid Cities Mustang can help rebuild it back to its former glory. Engine hesitation, blue smoke, motor not starting, and engine noise can all be signs your motor requires attention and engine repair. Our goal is to get you on the road so you can enjoy your classic Mustang. If it’s more power you seek, we offer a full range of parts upgrades including ignition systems, EFI, carburetor tuning/rebuilding, camshafts, intake manifolds, and exhaust manifolds.

In many instances, a late-model engine swap can be more cost effective than rebuilding a stock engine. The team at Mid Cities Mustang has the expertise necessary to execute upon your vision for your Mustang.  For old worn-out transmissions, our team can rebuild them back to factory specifications to get your classic back on the road. Transmission servicing can often be overlooked on these cars and ensuring fluid levels, shifting, and performance being maintained is a majority of Mustang owners require. Likewise, upgrading to a newer overdrive transmission has become extremely popular in recent years.

Don’t forget about the rear-end and third members. They were built to withstand significant tests on the road, but often require maintenance and rebuilding as well. Adding a positrac rear end to your pony can also provide greater handling and performance.