Fuel Systems

Well, this can be a lengthy topic for Mustang’s. But it starts from the gas tank and moves through the carburetor. Without gas, the car just won’t go anywhere. Our technicians are skilled at ensuring your Mustang has the proper fuel / air mixture as well as ensuring your tank and signaling system is working properly. We have seen our fair share of dirty, rusty, gas tanks. When bringing a car back to life, you have to make sure the blood (fuel) is clean enough and flows properly to ignite and keep firing the engine.

Our skilled mechanics know how to ensure your carburetor is in tip top shape. Rebuilding them is a mainstay and that there is no fuel leaking onto the intake manifold causing severe issues. Additionally, if you wish to move on from the days of carbureted Mustangs. We are also adept and skilled at installing new EFI systems to improve horsepower, performance, and reliably. Ask us how we can make your Mustang run efficiently and with the power you need.