Our professional team can assist in the restoration of your Mustang to its original glory days. Sometimes this means making your project even better than before; other times it involves undoing previous sub-standard work. Either way, we work with you to ensure your goals and objectives are met.

We handle the following on Classic Mustangs:

  • Mechanical Restoration and Upgrades
  • Interior elements – upholstery, trim, carpet, etc.
  • Professional Body and Trim Restoration
  • Braking, Suspension, Wiring
  • Classic Mustang parts
  • Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

We offer comprehensive services, expert car restoration and customization, combined with cost estimates and communication.

A full restoration requires commitment, time, and money. The process can take 12 months to easily 24 months. You are bringing your car back to show quality and a like new condition. Quite a bit can happen during this time and the expense involved can be quite steep.

Our unique and trustworthy service includes:

Design Our in-depth design consultation helps us understand each customer’s specific goal. We exchange ideas to determine exactly what our client wants based on vision and service level.
Cost Estimates Our estimation process is to ensure accuracy by involving all members of team. This precise method eliminates any surprise services or added expenses for our customers. But, keep in mind that an estimation is just that, an estimate, things can change in the process of a restoration. If this does, we will keep you informed along the way to minimize these unnecessary surprises.
Quality An ongoing evaluation process is in effect from beginning to end of every project. We make sure all checks and balances are in place when handling your vehicle and that you will find to make your car what you expect. Your satisfaction is our priority and we want you to enjoy your car.

Partial Restoration as an Option

A partial restoration is an excellent approach for customers who wish to drive their vehicles but not participate in automobile shows. This restoration process involves a variety of options:

  • Restore body work and paint
  • Refresh the interior – carpet, upholstery, trim elements
  • Upgrade the mechanical system while restoring the existing system
  • Upgrade and restore the electrical, cooling and fuel delivery systems
  • Restore existing brake, steering and suspension systems with upgrades to improve drivability
  • Rebuild or replace the motor and drivetrain
  • Rebuild the transmission and gearing for a more modern drive experience

This is a preferred choice of many Mustang lovers. It provides for a much more rewarding experience both financially, as well as their ability to drive and enjoy their car.