A squeaky and creaky suspension can be mind numbing. Nothing makes or breaks a car’s driving dynamics more than how well it rides down the road and handles the turns. New suspension and related tuning is the key to achieving those goals, but the problem is that most classic cars were built during an era when suspension technology wasn’t all that great. Add 50 + years’ worth of wear and tear into the mix, and the typical unrestored Mustang can be difficult to drive. The good news is that options abound when upgrading your suspension system.
The suspension in a classic Mustang should be rebuilt to stock specifications during the repair / restoration process. This typically involves replacing the springs, control arms, shocks, bushings, and ball joints with new replacement parts. Depending on the condition of the suspension, rebuilding the suspension can yield a dramatic and noticeable improvement in ride and handling. Aftermarket suspension kits can also include sway bars and export braces to further enhance performance and drivability. Mid Cities Mustang performs suspension rebuild and upgrades that ensure your classic will be reliable and safe.