Wiring / Electrical

Wiring can be intimidating if you don’t understand some of the basics. The electrical arrangement of your Mustang is its central nervous system to power the car. Each component, bulb, and switch receives an electrical charge, then sends that charge to a respective ground. Each wire’s function is to make an electrical component do its job. In fact, some components perform several jobs at once, so they may have more than one wire. It all goes back to the idea that electrical current flows from the battery to a component, and then to ground, which is a flow of current called a circuit.

Each circuit in the system is designed to operate something, whether it’s a horn, a brake light, a gauge, or the radio. If a circuit is interrupted or goes the wrong way, then those components won’t work properly. Through the years resistance builds up, wires are cut, speakers installed, stereos removed, and everything else in between happens with a Mustang’s wiring system. We repair, install, and maintain engine harnesses, dash systems, as well as lighting and braking light systems for your car. We ensure the wiring system is not inhibiting you from enjoying your Mustang.